Get the complete picture at a glance

Stay on top of your supply chain with myCHEP’s new dashboard view. Complete everyday tasks. See notifications about orders and stock balances. Take action to fix problems. All without losing sight of how everything fits together.

Let myCHEP alert you as things change

The notifications panel records all the activity on your CHEP account, from scheduled collections to completed deliveries. And it reminds you to take action when issues remain outstanding, from stock-checks to order corrections.

Stay on top of your supply chain no matter where you are”

Tell us about transfers the easy way

With myCHEP, it’s easier and quicker than ever to notify us of transfers – whether you’re receiving equipment from or sending it to your supply chain partners. The streamlined form helps you find the locations and other parties you need to report on, with an intelligent search function that begins to list options as soon as you start typing.

Track all your invoices in one place

See at a glance which invoices have been paid, which are outstanding and which need further action before they can be processed. Now you can check quickly to see whether your accounts are settled across all your sites, or whether particular invoices need your attention.

myCHEP has been designed to streamline the processes that you use most often”
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