Get things done, straight from
your diary

When you need an overview of all your supply-chain activity, sometimes only a calendar view will do. The myCHEP schedule page lets you see clearly what’s happening, what’s scheduled to happen and what still needs your attention – across all your devices. It also lets you take action quickly: with just a few clicks, you can update or cancel orders, request proofs of delivery or chase information about incomplete transactions.

Modify and cancel orders without going offline

It’s easy to make changes to a CHEP order after you’ve placed it. As long as the delivery process has not yet begun, you can modify the details or cancel the order altogether. MyCHEP makes all this possible without the need for a phone call.

Search less, find more

As soon as you begin to type in the myCHEP search bar, our software starts to work out what you could be looking for and makes intelligent suggestions. The more you type, the more precise the results will be. So you’ll be able to spend less time searching and more time getting things done.

Stay on top of your supply chain no matter where you are”
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