The invoice that helps you run your business better

A bill shouldn’t just tell you clearly how much you need to pay. It should tell you more about your business, and help you to perform better in the future. This is the key inspiration behind the CHEP Interactive Invoice.

See clearly what’s due on your account, and how this was calculated. Use the interactive charts, graphs and tables to display the data your way. Visualise broad trends or home in on specific transactions. The CHEP Interactive Invoice lets you do all these things, and more, quickly and easily.


Intelligence, not just information

The CHEP Interactive Invoice puts your supply-chain activity in context, to help you identify potential problems and opportunities. It uses interactive charts, graphs and tables to highlight potential issues and visualise trends.

Tips to help you
operate more efficiently

The CHEP Interactive Invoice includes tips that could help you reduce your costs and administration. Based on your recent activity, these tips are refreshed each month to help you operate more efficiently.

Highly secure,
highly convenient

The CHEP Interactive Invoice is sent to you via a small but secure e-mail attachment. It looks and feels like a website but can be used without an Internet connection for ultimate convenience.


Clear summaries of your key information
The CHEP Interactive Invoice gives you the big-picture view of your account activity, and makes it clear how much is due, while letting you drill down and search quickly for detailed information about individual transactions.
See your account activity in context
Analyse your spending and supply-chain activity, quickly and easily. The CHEP Interactive Invoice reveals the trends in your spending, the platform mix in your inventory over time and how you’re sharing equipment with supply-chain partners.


Change how your data is displayed, instantly

Interactive charts and graphs enable you compare and contrast the data that’s most important to you, without having to export to another application. With one click, you can hide unwanted tabs or data sets and focus on whatever is critical to your needs.

Explore your data without an Internet connection

Each CHEP Interactive Invoice is delivered as a lightweight e-mail attachment. Opening the attachment displays the invoice in your web browser, where you can interact with it as you would most websites.

Home in quickly on what’s important

The CHEP Interactive Invoice prioritises important information so that you can get things done faster – completing admin tasks, spotting problems and seizing opportunities. An in-built search function enables you to pick out individual points of information, quickly and easily.